Multifit Premium Pro Rigid Sports Tape

Professional Rigid Strapping Tape

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Multifit Premium Pro Rigid Sports Tape is a professional grade premium performance rigid strapping tape range. It offers maximum support for joints and helps prevent excessive movement that can cause injury.

Multifit Premium Pro Sports Taps is constructed from a strong Rayon Fabric. It has a highly aggressive, soft heat activated natural Zinc Oxide adhesive which performs well in extreme conditions. Whether it is the humid conditions of northern Australia, or the cooler conditions of southern Australia, the specially formulated, heat activated adhesion aggressively sticks in these harsher conditions.

The superior sticking properties, makes the the tape ideal for strapping joints with a wide range of motion, such as ankles, knees, shoulders, elbows and thumbs. Most popular sizes are 38mm (ankles and knees) and 50mm (ankles and shoulders).

Multifit Premium Pro Rigid Sports Tapes are used around Australia by sporting clubs (both professional and amateur), physios, chiros, universities and other medical professionals. The Multifit range is synonymous with extremely high quality, and along with it’s wholesale pricing to both sporting clubs and medical professionals, makes it the best value tape on the market. This is especially important for sporting clubs with budgetary constraints, who receive huge discounts on our wholesaling pricing.

The tape is hand tearable and easy to unwind. This ensures a quick and simple crease free application. Club Trainers love this tape, as it is easy to unwind off the roll (without compromising stickiness), so after taping 50 ankles, trainers arms and hands aren’t sore.

Summarised characteristics of the Multifit Premium Pro Rigid Tape include:

  • High strength Rayon Fabric.
  • Highly aggressive soft natural Zinc Oxide adhesive.
  • Ideal in extreme hot or cold conditions.
  • Porous.
  • Hand Tearable.
  • 13.7 meter length.
  • 13mm, 25mm, 38mm and 50mm widths.
  • Skin colour.
  • Light unwind tension, so extremely easy to get off the roll without compromising adhesion. Ideal to prevent trainers from getting sore arms when strapping multiple players.

Additional information

Product Size

13mm x 13.7m, 25mm x 13.7m, 38mm x 13.7m, 50mm x 13.7m


Single Roll, Drum of 6 Rolls, Drum of 8 Rolls, Drum of 12 Rolls, Drum of 20 Rolls, Box of 20 Rolls, Box of 30 Rolls, Box of 40 Rolls


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